Regulatory Compliance

Comprehensive line of regulatory compliance services from station acquisition to the day-to-day regulatory obligations and filings required for broadcasters.

Our Commitment to You

Summit Technology Group aims to provide the broadcast industry with end-to-end technical and operational solutions including comprehensive regulatory consulting.
Comprehensive Inspections

Ensure your station maintains compliance to avoid costly fines and forfeiture imposed by regulatory authorities.

End to End Solutions

From buying and selling stations, to meeting day-to-day regulatory obligations, Summit has a solution to meet the industry's demand.

Prompt Service

We pride ourselves on providing prompt and timely filings, flexible compliance solutions, and 24/7 emergency consulting and support.

Regulatory Consulting

Take the guesswork out of regulatory compliance and legal matters affecting the broadcast and communications industry. Summit Technology Group has an in depth understanding of the engineering and operational challenges faced by broadcasters.

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Due Diligence Inspections

  • ABIP-Style Compliance Inspections

    Summit's ABIP-Style compliance inspections couple FCC provided framework with an in depth understanding of the changing regulatory landscape.

  • Pre-Purchase and Incubation Inspections

    Determine the value of a station or cluster prior to purchasing. Know what equipment needs repair or replacement to properly budget for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Summit help with my license renewal?

Yes. Summit can prepare all FCC filings prior to and including a station's renewal. Any filings requiring attorney review will be sent to an attorney to file.

Can Summit help me purchase a station?

During the process of buying a station, Summit can assist with due diligence as well as at the time of purchase with any necessary FCC filings.

Can Summit handle my routine filings?

Yes, Summit can handle all routine engineering and operational filings such as QIPR, ETRS, DIRS, EEO, STAs and many more.

What are my regulatory obligations?

Your specific regulatory obligations vary based upon station class, location, and service. Get in touch with a Summit advisor today to understand your obligations.

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Tower Inspections

Get an up-close look at hazards and risks stemming from your tower site with our on-site manned tower inspections performed by OSHA Certified, insured tower climbers. Or get a birds-eye view with UAV aerial tower inspections by our network of FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots.

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Regulatory Filings

Take the guesswork out of regulatory filings and simplify your obligations.

  • Engineering STAs
  • ETRS and DIRS
  • Ownership and EEO Reports
  • Quarterly Issues and Programs

Regulatory Compliance Engineering Packages

Comprehensive regulatory compliance engineering subscriptions built for broadcasters throughout the United States.
Billed Monthly
  • Annual on-site visit
  • 4 remote hours per month
  • Transmitter monitoring
  • EAS monitoring
  • 10% discount on labor
  • Web meetings
  • ETRS filing
  • Priority scheduling
Billed Monthly
  • Quarterly on-site visits
  • 8 remote hours per month
  • Transmitter monitoring
  • EAS monitoring
  • 20% discount on labor
  • Web meetings
  • ETRS filing
  • Priority scheduling
Most Popular
Billed Monthly
  • Monthly on-site visits
  • 12 remote hours per month
  • Transmitter monitoring
  • EAS monitoring
  • 30% discount on labor
  • Web meetings
  • ETRS filing
  • Priority scheduling
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