New Media Innovations

Improve the marketability and profitability of your media platform with state-of-the-art visual radio, podcasting, and new media solutions from Summit Technology Group.

New Media Innovations

The media landscape is rapidly changing to adapt to consumer preferences. Get ahead of the curve with Summit Technology Group.
Monetize additional platforms

Summit's comprehensive due diligence inspections deliver an in-depth understanding about engineering and compliance status.

Impress your audience

Plan and budget for engineering and facility upgrades based on a station's immediate and future needs and objectives.

Reach new demographics

Reduce your company's regulatory exposure and mitigate risk with a comprehensive inspection from Summit Technology Group.

Stunning Visual Radio

Monetize new platforms and reach brand new demographics by adding a stunning visual to your existing platform.

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Streaming and Hosting

  • Intuitive Audio Streaming Solutions

    Provide your audience with clean and reliable streaming content that can be consumed across all platforms.

    Check out TundraCast
  • Content Hosting and Delivery

    Public and private cloud-based content hosting and delivery solutions allow your affiliates to access audio and video content where and when they want.

    Check out PostMaster

Frequently Asked Questions

How does visual radio work?

Visual radio is an additional layer to an audio-only workflow where cameras are used to show the host and guests and additional images and videos are used to round out the professional look of the content.

Can you help me syndicate my program?

Yes. Whether you want to syndicate your program in a live or file-based manner, our team of broadcast engineering specialists can help design the best system for content distribution.

How is the streaming provided?

Our TundraCast platform is fitting for most clients. In cases that require video or other more advanced features, we defer to our partner companies to provide the solution.

What if I am not a broadcast station?

While much of our work is with broadcast radio and television stations, we often provide solutions to non-broadcast facilities and companies. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

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Podcast Studio Design and Program Distribution

Whether you are looking to start a brand new podcast or simply pair audio and video on demand with an existing station or channel, Summit Technology Group has a solution to meet your specific need.

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Alternative Studio Design

In addition to air and production studios for broadcast, Summit Technology Group has experience with a variety of other studio functions.

  • Music Recording Studios
  • Visual Radio Studios
  • Television Studios
  • Mobile or Temporary Studios

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