ATMOS Weather Reporting

Comprehensive routine and emergency weather reporting and EAS replacement enhanced by natural text-to-speech synthesis and Artificial Intelligence.
Set the Script

Determine the scripts and phrases used to deliver a dynamic forecast under a variety of weather conditions.

Monetize your Report

Maintain a library of commercial sponsors and messages and reconcile reports and mentions back to billing.

Delivered to Your Library

Automatically ingest weather report audio and text into your automation, playout, CG, or newsroom system.

Natural and Professional Sounding

ATMOS uses advanced neural networks to synthesize natural and professional sounding reports so your station always sounds attended.

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Advanced Scripting and Markup Languages

Further personalize your ATMOS scripts with pseudo-random or programmatic script styles and ATMOS Markup Language.

  • Randomize Phrases
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Generalize Temperatures
  • Offset Date & Time

Lend Your Ear

Examples of weather reports produced by ATMOS.

Integrates with Your Workflow

ATMOS integrates with virtually every automation system, news room system, and media asset manager on the market.
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EAS Replacement and RWT Management

With a seamless integration to IPAWS, ATMOS can be used to deliver emergency weather and other EAS alerts in a natural and personable way. Furthermore, ATMOS can be used to schedule or pseudo-randomly issue RWTs.

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Powerful Feature Set

With an advanced feature set, ATMOS easily delivers broadcasters what they need to better inform their audience.

  • Multiple Location Support
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Multilingual Voices
  • Music Bed Update Service

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