ByLine News Reporting

Comprehensive news, market, and school closings solution based upon user curated scripting and enhanced by natural text-to-speech synthesis.
Curate the Report

Determine the scripts, phrases, voices, and styles used to deliver a dynamic news and market report to your listeners.

Monetize your Report

Maintain a library of commercial sponsors and messages and reconcile reports and mentions back to billing.

Report on Local Stories

Allow access to municipal governments and school districts to report the latest school closing and emergency news.

Natural and Professional Sounding

ByLine uses advanced neural networks to synthesize natural and professional sounding reports so your station always sounds attended.

Hear a Sample

Comprehensive News and Market Reporting

Give your listeners what they want to hear with easy to understand news from a variety of sources.

  • Major News Sources
  • Market/Index Information
  • School Closings and Emergencies
  • Agriculture Reports and Prices

Lend Your Ear

Examples of news reports produced by ByLine.

Integrates with Your Workflow

ByLine integrates with virtually every automation system, news room system, and media asset manager on the market.
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Journalist Contribution Tools

In addition to standard news outlets and sources, ByLine offers a robust set of tools to capture stories from staff reporters and citizen journalists in your local market.

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Creative Script Creation

ByLine builds on our existing tags and wildcards to deliver a truly intuitive environment for building creative and captivating script templates.

  • Time and Date
  • Market Specific Phrases
  • Holidays and Special Events
  • Sponsorship Management

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