TowerLytics Site Monitoring

Automate the resource-intensive task of monitoring tower lights as well as get alerts about transmitters, STLs, access control, silence detection, temperature, and more.
Compliance Monitoring

TowerLytics provides a centralized dashboard for multiple tower and transmitter sites to consolidate all the relevant compliance monitoring.

Alerts and Filings

With 24/7 monitoring by trained technicians, our team is here to file NOTAMs, STAs, and coordinate engineering assistance when needed.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Reduce costly site visits, unexpected equipment failure, and liability with TowerLytics monitoring equipment, site, and tower lighting.

Equipment Monitoring and Site Control

TowerLytics is designed for the complexities of broadcast and telecommunications. The device has 8 digital inputs for monitoring a variety of hardware equipment and site control devices.

  • STL and Transmitters
  • Silence Detection
  • Access Control and Security
  • Interlock and Generators

Tower Light Monitoring and NOTAM Filing

TowerLytics actively monitors a tower's obstruction lighting and reports failures to a cloud-based dashboard. Upon failure, the user is notified and an on-call Summit technician files a NOTAM on the tower owner's behalf all at no additional cost.

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Integrates with Your Workflow

TowerLytics integrates with virtually every transmitter, silence detector, and tower light controller on the market.
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Intuitive Installation

TowerLytics IoT devices are simple to install, adopt, and configure. Decide if a self installation is right for you or have Summit Technology Group coordinate the installation and configuration.

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Flexible and Powerful Monitoring

Users can simply and easily manage their media assets by applying data retention policies.

  • Cloud-Based Dashboard
  • No-Cost NOTAM Filings
  • Fail-Safe Monitoring and Alerting
  • 8 Versatile Digital Inputs

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