SideCAR® Media Logger

Radio and television logging, transcription, captioning, and machine learning analysis designed to maintain compliance, share content, and analyze trends.
Record and Capture

Record an infinite number of audio channels from any sound card, tuner card, or AoIP driver. Capture SDI and HDMI video sources.

Analyze and Search

Search and analyze your data by automatically transcribing audio and video files, harness the power of machine learning, and edit directly in a browser.

Caption and Transcribe

Simply create transcripts and sidecar files for captioning. Publish transcripts to websites and captions to broadcast playout or internet video platforms.

Selectively Edit Audio and Video in a Web Browser

SideCAR enables users to edit audio and video simply from within their web browser, across platforms, and even on mobile devices.

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Machine Learning Analysis

Derive powerful insight, group associated talksets, and publish engaging audio and video by first structuring your content with Machine Learning.

  • Entity Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Key Phrase Detection
  • Language Identification

Automated Transcription and Captioning

SideCAR includes powerful speech-to-text transcription and automated captioning for television, webcast, or internet videos. Add closed captioning for television or export videos directly with open captions or subtitles.

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Programmatic Access with Open API

Using our extensible SideCAR API, your development team can easily incorporate logging, file management, captioning, transcription, machine learning, and editing to your workflow.

  • Cloud-Based File Access
  • Video Captioning
  • Media File Transcription
  • Developer Support Available

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SideCAR takes logging to the next level with unparalleled speech to text transcription, captioning and Machine Learning analytics.

Transcribe and Caption Audio and Video Files

Set automation rules to automatically transcribe and analyze any type of event as it airs to easily structure and search your recorded content.

Have a media file recorded outside of SideCAR? Transcribe the speech and derive Machine Learning analysis from the recording within SideCAR. Simply upload or import any audio or video file into SideCAR and you will be notified when the transcript and captioning file is available.

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Find the exact media you're looking for

Until now, finding the clip of audio or video you needed was tedious and time consuming. With SideCAR’s powerful transcription engine, users can now search through decades of archived audio to find the exact clip they need.

Searching for a particular clip is made even easier when using the machine learning tags associated with the content. Simply click a tag to see all related content across any media type.

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Analyze talk-sets and interviews

Harness the power of Machine Learning to perform analysis of any talk-set or interview recorded by SideCAR. Determine entities and entity types, key phrases, language, and even sentiment and emotion. Use this to find related content and group similar topics and phrases.

Generate reports and gain useful insight about the content that airs on your station and your competitors in the market.

Integrates with Your Workflow

SideCAR integrates with virtually every automation system and AoIP environment on the market.
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Seamless Integration with Automation

SideCAR uses a flexible control and data protocol making it simple to interface with virtually any automation or playout system on the market.

Furthermore, all SideCAR components are built around our advanced, cloud-based API for control and integration with a variety of platforms.

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Simple Media Asset Management

Users can simply and easily manage their media assets by applying data retention policies.

  • Download to Disk Storage
  • Convert or Resample
  • Move to Network Location/FTP
  • Purge from Cloud Storage

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