PostMaster File Transport

Scalable file-based transport solution with advanced content manipulation options to enable cross-platform synchronization.

Archive content and ensure redundancy of logs, settings, and other critical files. Access anywhere from a web browser.


Reliably transfer files over the public internet to one or multiple endpoints all protected by a secure login.


Synchronize libraries across platforms, format, and metadata structure and easily distribute content to affiliates.

Disaster Recovery and Remote Management

Build the ultimate disaster recovery plan by backing up valuable assets and log files to PostMaster cloud server. Utilize the intuitive web interface to quickly find, convert, and download your files from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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File Based Network Syndication

PostMaster can be used to deliver file-based content and logs to a networks affiliate stations as well as optimize the content for use with the affiliate's preferred automation or playout system.

  • Built for Media Content
  • Rename and Modify Logs
  • Convert Audio and Video Content
  • Automated Download Clients

Endless Integrations

PostMaster is designed to integrate with virtually every automation, playout, media asset management, and storage solution on the market.
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Scalable Architecture

With cloud and on-prem deployment options available to users, PostMaster can easily scale to the needs and budget of your organization.

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Custom Integration Consulting

Need to design a robust disaster recovery plan or syndicate content throughout the world to dislike systems? Summit Technology Group can design custom workflows on the PostMaster platform.

  • Build for any System
  • In-Person Development
  • Bi-Directional Synchronization
  • Ongoing Support Packages

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