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Summit Introduces PostMaster Metadata Handling

Paul Stewart

Summit Technology Group has introduced a suite of products called PostMaster Metadata Handling.

“PostMaster is a comprehensive suite of software and platforms designed to streamline the ingest, maintenance, transport and encoding of Program Associated Data (PAD) metadata,” the company says.

“With a scalable and robust architecture, PostMaster revolutionizes the way broadcasters handle metadata, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in content distribution.”

PostMaster encompasses three tools. Firstly, PostMaster Cloud Connect ensures reliable and powerful transport of PAD metadata across even challenging networks.

“With PostMaster Suite’s Cloud Connect, broadcasters can bridge the studio to transmitter site RDS encoders without the need for static IP addresses or port forwarding, simplifying the data transmission process.”

PostMaster MetaLogger enables broadcasters to provide PAD metadata to content affiliates regardless of automation systems or distribution method.

“This cloud- or file-based solution allows broadcasters to store metadata securely and handle program delays with ease.” It integrates with any distribution method and offers integrations to accommodate various playout systems and media asset management solutions.

With PostMaster Metadata Sync, broadcasters can synchronize metadata between automation platforms, across multiple markets and among various formats. This feature enables collaboration and ensures consistency in metadata across various systems.

Originally Published by Radio World

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