Frequently asked questions

Does Summit provide hardware solutions as well?

Yes. Summit can provide software-only packages of the solution or can provide the complete package including hardware. We are also working on a few projects to provide dedicated hardware for certain markets.

Does Summit provide consulting services

Yes. In addition to providing products to broadcast facilities, Summit Technology Group also provides broadcast and business consulting services on a per-project or an ongoing basis. To find out more about our consulting practice, click on 'Contact' and send us a message.

How do I buy Summit products?

In most cases, purchasing must be done through our distributors, which may differ from product to product. Our smaller 'utilities' are for sale directly but can also be purchased through distribution.

How do we become a dealer?

For inquires related to becoming a dealer or reselling our line of products, please use the 'Contact' page to send us a message or send an email to contact@summittechgroup.com.

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